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The $10M XPRIZE Rainforest is a five-year competition to enhance our understanding of the rainforest ecosystem.



Understanding Rainforests for


The XPRIZE Rainforest will accelerate the innovation of autonomous technologies needed for biodiversity assessment and will enhance our understanding of rainforest ecosystems by using rapid data integration to provide new wisdom about the forest as well as inspire new investment and exploration. The XPRIZE Rainforest will reveal the true potential of the standing forest, accelerating the development of new, just, and sustainable bioeconomies.

The XPRIZE Rainforest will revolutionize our understanding of the planet’s most diverse and complex ecosystems, rapidly and remotely quantifying their intrinsic value in unprecedented detail, in a time that has never been more urgent for conservation.

Peter Houlihan

EVP, Biodiversity and Conservation

The Grand Challenge

Rainforests cover less than 10% of the earth's land surface, but they house approximately 50 million inhabitants and over 50% of the planet's biodiversity. Although they are the most biodiverse ecosystems, there is a limited knowledge of everything that lives in these iconic environments. The value of the standing trees are not fully understood and our ability to assess this value is restricted because the rainforest environment is dense, vast, and complex.

How to Win

The winning team will develop novel technologies to rapidly and comprehensively survey rainforest biodiversity and use that data to improve our understanding of this complex ecosystem.

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Prize Activity

Prize launch and registration opens - November 19th 2019. Update guidelines version 2.0 released - April 22nd 2020. Rules and regulations version 1.0 released - January 14th 2021. Team regular registration closes - March 15th 2021. Qualifying submission deadline - May 6th 2021. Team summit - July 2021. Semifinal submission deadline - Q2 2022. Semifinals testing - Q2 2023. Finals testing - Q2 2024. Winners announced - Q3 2024.

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