Finalist Teams

The Finalist Teams competing in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE are pushing the limits of immersive telepresence by combining tech from robotics, VR, AI, haptics and more. Their aim is to create Robotic Avatar systems that enable anyone to be physically present in a remote location, and bring their skills and senses along with them. We aren’t talking video calls, we are transporting all of your senses so that you and anyone you interact with feel as if you are actually there!

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About the Team Team Name Location Flag
AlterEgoGenoa, Italy
AvaDynamicsPittsburgh, United States
Avatar-Hubo Las Vegas, United States
AVATRINAUrbana, United States
Cyberselves | TouchlabSheffield | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Dragon Tree LabsSingapore
i-BoticsUtrecht, Netherlands
iCubGenoa, Italy
INBIODROIDIrapuato, Mexico
JanusTsukuba, Japan
Last MileOsaka, Japan
NimbRoBonn, Germany
Pollen RoboticsBordeaux, France
Tangible (formerly Converge)Chico, United States
Team NortheasternBoston, United States
Team SNUSeoul, South Korea
Team UNISTUlsan, South Korea

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