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Belfast, United Kingdom

About Us

The Intelesens-Scanadu team is led by Prof Jim McLaughlin. As CTO of vital signs company Intelesens and Professor of bioengineering research at CHIC-Ulster University he drew on his skills and extensive network to assemble multidisciplinary expertise to make up a 20 strong Trans-Atlantic team.

To address the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE challenge, the team has focused on developing clinically relevant medical grade equipment which seamlessly integrates to form a high UX solution to diagnose 16 diseases within a 5lb box. The team has drawn on the expertise of the UK’s largest Diagnostic company, Randox, and Diagnostic pharmacy provider CIGA Healthcare to ensure the products are useable and market oriented. Clinical challenge and guidance has been a key asset of the team with renowned cardiology consultant Dr. David McEneaney being central to the design. The team has a scientific underpinning provided by the Connected Health Innovation Centre’s(CHIC) rapid proto-typing Labs at Ulster University.

The solution allows the patient to accurately symptom check their conditions through intuitive questions on a smart phone. They are guided with graphical instructions on how to use color coded supporting equipment which communicates with the smart-phone via Bluetooth. Analytics and visualization of outcomes & trends are presented to the patient and data is transferred to the cloud for clinical monitoring, alerting and data analytics. The solution was trialed in local hospitals, within labs, in front of clinicians and patients using the kit to diagnose their illness.


Jim McLaughlin