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Cambridge, MA, United States

About Us

Team DMI is comprised of highly experienced engineers, scientists, and designers from the Boston­Cambridge area. Our technology, the rHEALTH Sensor, has been proven in zero gravity and against existing FDA devices through support from NASA and the NIH. To date, the rHEALTH technology has been demonstrated on over 6 different major test categories and over 22 different tests. It is simple to use, intuitive, and designed to bring exceptional diagnostic capabilities for your use.

The three main components of the rHEALTH Tricorder are: rHEALTH X1, SKYE Sensor, and CHAS. These serve as the blood analysis, vitals monitoring, and artificial intelligence. It represents our vision of future, consumer-driven healthcare that is defined by simplicity and accessible quantitative values. 

rHEALTH X1: lab tests with a single drop of blood with rapid turnaround time; a 1000-fold miniaturization of optics and systems within traditional flow cytometers; automated, complex sample preparation using patented spiral vortexer micromixer and microfluidics that utilizes 1000-fold less blood than conventional blood draws; scalable to multiplexing with proprietary biochemical particles called nanostrips, which are a billion-fold smaller in volume than conventional test strips.

SKYE Sensor: single wearable, wireless device that continuously measures all core vitals; obviates the need for multiple vital sign monitors o Integrates all measurements for single-lead EKG, SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse transit time, and core temperature; the only wearable with ability to measure core (and not skin) temperature.

CHAS: our mobile app makes sense of health data for consumers; bluetooth enabled for receiving and analyzing vitals and blood data streams; real-time data upload to cloud.


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