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Team Tao

Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

About Us

TeamTao are developing a low-cost platform which will enable access to our ocean’s vital signs; using a ‘CubeSat’-like philosophy to change the way we collect and understand ocean data. They’re a growing team with expertise in subsea engineering, acoustics, marine ecology and material science, and are testing and validating a step-change in technology to make deep sea data rapidly attainable and affordable.


There are two main components to our compact autonomous platform: The BEMs (Bathypelagic Excursion Module), a swarm of vertically swimming AUVs and the surface vessel, a 'vending machine' style autonomous surface catamaran that is responsible for the horizontal transit, data handling and comms. A drone provides air & comms support.


Growing up in Australia and always living near the coast, Dale has a strong passion for our oceans and how to best protect them. An Industrial Designer by trade, Dale is experienced in using design thinking to solve complex engineering problems, addressing market needs in both the Subsea and Medical sectors. Dale is currently employed by SMD, a robotics and subsea vehicle producer in the UK but has transformed his R&D role into being the Team Lead and Product Architect for TeamTao.


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