Elevating the Nutritional Power of Plant-Based Catfish

May 23 2024

ProFillet is a Canadian tech company that harnesses the power of microalgae to create plant-based seafood alternatives. The team is composed of five individuals who—despite their varied backgrounds—share a common vision: to create alternative protein products that are delicious, nutrient-dense, and do not harm the planet as traditional fishing can with overfishing, bycatch, and environment destruction. Developing sustainable vegan seafood is one of the best ways to prevent this. ProFillet is currently working to create wholecut, plant-based catfish that is nutritionally equivalent to the original, better for the environment, and meets price parity. 

ProFillet holds its solution to exacting standards and believes that true success in XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion will result in vegetarian seafood that is popular in both consumer homes and elite kitchens. To achieve this, the team utilizes the expertise of internationally award-winning executive chef Doug McNish, whose two decades of expertise developing businesses in the food industry and pioneering the plant-forward future is critically important to achieving restaurant success.

XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion finalist team ProFillet and three of its members at a conference.

Though the team members first created ProFillet to enter XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion because of their shared interest in competing, their success as one of the final six teams has inspired them to grow beyond the end of the competition. The team remains deeply committed to creating a sustainable approach to feeding our growing population, and believes that it is everyone’s “duty to leave the world a better place.” Change is vital for the survival of our planet, and the experts at ProFillet know there’s nothing sweeter than to watch positive change spread from something they created.

To learn more about ProFillet as they head to finals, follow along at xprize.org/feed.