Dec 18 2020

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The idea: take CO2 straight from the atmosphere and turn it into consumer products. Or as it’s now more commonly known, “carbon capture and utilization”. Just five years ago, if you tried Googling this, here’s what you would have found - a whopping seven articles.  

Have you ever seen a search result so small? Safe to say back then not many people were thinking about it. 

Fast-forward to today and you’ll find this search now produces more than 46 million results. Well, that escalated quickly. This is just one indication of how far the concept has come over years of technology development and significant innovation, spearheaded by the $20M NRG Cosia Carbon XPRIZE. What was once a far-fetched idea is now becoming reality. Fueled by climate change and a mission to consume responsibly, carbon research and technologies are optimizing by the day. 

From shoes to vodka to concrete, it’s incredible to see the headway we’ve made when it comes to turning our carbon footprints into assets. This has led to growing interest from entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, and civil society. All pathways to meeting Paris Agreement climate goals involve solutions that can capture, utilize, and permanently sequester CO2 emissions. 

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