Breaking Ground: Guidance for carbon removal companies and funders on responsible project deployment

Oct 31 2023

As carbon removal transitions from a small area of research to an industry with hundreds of new projects breaking ground, it is essential it grows in ways that are good for people as well as the planet, with justice and responsibility in mind. 

This white paper is intended to be a resource for both carbon removal companies as well as project reviewers and funders who are committed to ensuring the industry grows responsibly and prioritizes communities. It also introduces and provides context around the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Finalist Application submission questions related to responsible deployment and environmental justice that is due February 1, 2024. Our aim is to share the research and learnings from this effort to support the broader ecosystem.

This work also builds on XPRIZE and Carbon180’s From the Ground Up report (published February 2023) that reviewed findings from the Milestone Round of the competition and offered recommendations for community engagement and incorporating environmental justice into carbon removal projects.