XPRIZE Climate & Energy Alliance


The world is at a crucial transition point. As global energy demand grows while supply shifts to a low-carbon future, humanity’s well-being and economic prosperity depend on advances in energy toward affordable, renewable and resilient sources and distribution networks.

Extreme temperatures and weather events stress overburdened power grids, knock power plants offline, disrupt energy and water sources, and trigger rolling blackouts. The destructive effects of climate change threaten the security and sustainability of our conventional power sources, lives and livelihoods.

We need innovative approaches to climate intervention and energy access that improve global standards of living and secure human resiliency for future generations.

Founded on Earth Day 2021, XPRIZE Climate & Energy Alliance will galvanize a global coalition of businesses, organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, nonprofits, and foundations that are at the leading edge of catalyzing positive change.

By combining the proven Alliances model of collaboration and shared innovation, XPRIZE Climate & Energy Alliance will TAKE ACTION by convening a diverse group of domain experts and industry leaders, identifying gaps, focusing attention and accelerating solutions leading to competitions, challenges, campaigns and initiatives to make a sustainable future a reality.

Clean Energy For All
New Energy Technologies & Systems
Climate Change Rapid Interventions
Climate Change Adaptation

Founding Sponsor
Magna is a mobility technology company. They have more than 158,000 entrepreneurial-minded employees and 342 manufacturing operations and 91 product development, engineering and sales centers in 27 countries. They have complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing expertise, as well as product capabilities that include body, chassis, exteriors, seating, powertrain, active driver assistance, electronics, mechatronics, mirrors, lighting and roof systems.
Rand Corporation
Creative Destruction Lab

Brain Trust

The Climate & Energy Alliance (CEA) Brain Trust is a coalition of practitioners, leaders, influential individuals and organizations who are transforming the climate and energy ecosystems. The Trust’s collective vision shapes the Alliance’s general direction, specific actionable targets and success metrics.

Damilola Ogunbiyi
Co-Chair, UN Energy
Ramez Naam
Co-Chair for Energy & Environment, Singularity University
Dr. Gregg Maryniak
Chair, Singularity University, Space, Energy & Environmental Solutions
Dr. Konstantinos Karachalios
Managing Director, IEEE Standards
Dan Miller
Managing Director, Roda Group
Sumant Sinha
CEO, Renew Power
Surya Panditi
CEO, Enel X North America
David Fenton
CEO, Fenton Communications
Andrew Behar
CEO, As You Sow
Casey Pickett
Director, Carbon Charge, Yale University
Dr. Donald Sadoway
John F. Elliott, Professor of Materials Chemistry, MIT
Dr. Danielle Merfeld
CTO, GE Energy
Will Wright
Founder, Sim City
Tom Dinwoodie
CTO, SunPower
Chris Henderson
President, Lumos Clean Energy
Surabi Menon
VP, Global Intelligence, Climateworks Foundation
Jacqui Patterson
Soren Hermanson
Director, Samso Energy Academy
Dr. Gay Canough
Founder & CEO, ETM Solar Works
Matthew Nordan
Managing Director, Prime Impact Fund
Tetsunari Iida
Founder & Chairperson, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
Josh Gold
Copywriter, Creative Director
Ugwem Eneyo
CEO, Shyft Power
Ryan Hobert
Managing Director, Energy & Climate Change, United Nations Foundation
Katherine Hamilton
Chair, 38 North Solutions
Deborah Yetunde Fadeyi
Founder, REES (Renewable Energy & Environmental Sustainability)
Dr. Daniel Kammen
Professor of Energy, Berkeley
Martin Hermann
CEO, Nightbright
Henk Rogers
CEO, Blue Planet Foundation
David Ginley
Chief Scientist, NREL
Ajay Agrawal
Geoffrey Taber Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management
Dr. Luis Ortiz
Vice President at Anbaric Development Partner

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining the Climate & Energy Alliance, please fill out this form with information about how you would like to collaborate. An XPRIZE member will get back to you to discuss your involvement. Members will also be invited to join our online community where we exchange ideas, share insights, and discuss trends using AI and data to create solutions to the world’s grandest challenges.