Stacey Shulman

Stacey Shulman

Vice President, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation; General Manager, Health, Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies

Stacey H. Shulman is a vice president in the Internet of Things Group (IOTG) and serves as director of the group’s retail, banking, hospitality and education sectors at Intel Corporation. She is responsible for IOTG’s technical strategy and the incubation of emerging technologies across consumer-focused vertical industries, including retail, banking, hospitality and education.

An industry veteran with three decades of retail experience, Shulman joined Intel in 2017 as chief innovation officer for IOTG’s retail solutions division. In that role, she actively championed the transformative results made possible by retail-focused technology. Her approach focused on helping Intel and the larger industry solve fundamental retail problems by incubating and normalizing innovative and emerging technologies, including IoT, big data and decision-making based on real-time analytics.

Before joining Intel, Shulman was vice president of global brand, wholesale and retail technology at Levi Strauss & Co. During her two-year tenure there, she led the group to deliver innovations in consumer engagement, radio-frequency identification (RFID), business-to-business solutions and store technology across an organization with more than 45,000 points of distribution. Earlier in her retail career, Shulman spent four years at American Apparel, culminating in her role as chief information officer. In 2014, the trade publication RIS News named her CIO of the Year in the innovation category for leading a team that successfully deployed advanced in-store analytics technology there. The publication’s parent company, Edgell Communications, also recognized her as one of the seven most influential technology executives in retail. 

Shulman spent the first half of her career building commercial software products for the retail and manufacturing industries, where her products were in use in more than 100,000 retail locations globally.

Shulman serves on the technology and innovation committee for the Retail Industry Leaders Association and on the Global Pandemic Team with XPRIZE.