Sofia Hernandez-Tapia

Sofia Hernandez-Tapia

Events Specialist

Sofia Hernandez Tapia is a versatile professional with a wealth of experience in event management, executive assistance, and human resources. She currently serves as the Event Specialist for the XPRIZE Foundation, where she helps elevate the brand-to-client experience by creating immersive, engaging, and inspiring events that showcase the Foundation's work and vision. In this role, Sofia collaborates closely with internal teams and external vendors to ensure the smooth execution of all events, from logistics and operations to on-site hospitality management and more.

Driven by a passion for event planning, Sofia is committed to ensuring that all events hosted by XPRIZE are successful, memorable, and aligned with the Foundation's mission to drive innovation and impact. She also strives to explore new and creative ways to engage with the XPRIZE community, including virtual and hybrid events that leverage the latest technology and trends. Ultimately, Sofia's goal is to establish XPRIZE as a leader in event excellence and innovation, helping the Foundation to achieve its goals of driving positive change in the world.

Sofia's background in events began in 2017 with Insomniac, where she worked in operations and logistics at music festivals in Mexico and across the US. She has been a part of the management team for EDC Las Vegas, the largest electronic dance music festival in North America, for the past 6 years. Sofia has also worked as an Assistant Manager for Pumpkin Nights Santa Rosa at Bigsley Event House, where she managed course staff, operations budget, scheduling, payroll, and vendor and performer contracting. 

Prior to her current role, Sofia served as the Executive Assistant to the CMO of XPRIZE Foundation and worked in the Human Resource department, where she was accountable for the "employee experience" processes such as onboarding, benefits administration, event planning, facilities, diversity and inclusion, employee relations, talent, performance management, and payroll administration backup. Sofia was the point of contact for team members, answering questions and helping employees navigate all aspects of people and culture operations. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sofia enjoys investing her time in creating experiences for others and giving back to the community. She admires adventure and the possibilities that come from imagination, and in her free time, you can catch her attending music festivals or spending time with family and friends.