Kathrin Spendier

Kathrin Spendier

Technical Prize Director, XPRIZE Quantum

Kathrin Spendier is the Technical Prize Director for the Google Quantum Applications prize at XPRIZE. She is responsible for building out the competitor community, expanding the larger adjacent science community, and enabling breakthrough quantum solutions. In her role, she reports to Jim Mainard, the CTO and EVP of Deep Technology at XPRIZE.

Before joining XPRIZE, Kathrin served as the Quantum Computing Technology Evangelist at Quantinuum, where she cultivated partnerships within academia and industry. She facilitated quantum computing comprehension and provided training on open-source tools and quantum processing units, thereby empowering the quantum computing user community. Her passion for quantum technology, strategic leadership, and community involvement drive her commitment to advancing the quantum technology ecosystem. Now at XPRIZE, Kathrin is dedicated to advancing the quantum tech ecosystem by aiding competitors in utilizing various quantum technologies. 

Before joining Quantinuum, Kathrin spent over a decade at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, serving in various roles, including Associate Professor of Physics and Director of Research Programs. She led interdisciplinary teams to advances in super-resolution microscopy and drug-delivery systems, earning a place in the Million Dollar Club through her outstanding sponsored research. Kathrin holds a B.S. in Physics and Applied Mathematics, an M.S. in Physics, and a Ph.D. with distinction in Physics, focusing on Biophysics, from the University of New Mexico. 

Kathrin is originally from Austria and was once an aspiring Olympic downhill skier. Her journey took her from the Austrian ski academy in Stams to the University of New Mexico ski team. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors with her family.